VK5JST's Antenna Analyser
About the Project

This analyser is a high quality low cost DIY project which covers from 1.3 - 57MHz (160 - 6 metres). It is available in kit form only, and uses readily available through hole components. No surface mount components are used :-). It comes with full free backup. Below, you will find very extensive diagnostic data and if you really get into trouble while assembling and testing the analyser, email me, and together we will get it going.

To keep costs down, the overall controller is a pre-loaded 16F873A microprocessor. However, if you wish to play with the code and add other features, an optional Picaxe 28X2 can be substituted as controller, provided the crystal is also changed from 20MHz to 16Mhz. Note however that the Picaxe and crystal are NOT part of the kit, and must be supplied by the builder.

It features very high quality epoxy glass pcbs with plated through holes, an ultra rugged front panel finished with epoxy paint, and can be easily upgraded to cover the new 630 metre band (472-479KHz) by adding an extra coil. Only basic tools, and a good quality 40-50watt soldering iron are required for assembly.


Download the complete assembly instructions for the analyser here...................

  • Assembly Instructions..........in pdf format
  • Photos

    Two photos showing the front and back of the main PCB when the Connector PCB has been attached with solder.

  • Main PCB Top
  • Main PCB Bottom

    Using the Main PCB to drill the box lid.......... Note the careful centralising of the PCB, both horizontally and vertically, achieved by using the ridges provided just inside the edge of the box lid.

  • Lid Drilling

    Using the Front Panel to Mark out the LCD Hole and 2 switch holes in the box lid.........Use the hole previously drilled in the lid top for the rotary switch shaft to accurately position the front panel.

  • Marking Out the LCD and switch holes

    Attaching The LCD to the main PCB..........This is the simplest way, but plugs and sockets are another method which can be used by constructors. Note the clip-on spacer on the front of the LCD, which ensures the LCD sits flat against the rear of the box lid. Also note the elephant hide insulation behind the LCD, ensuring that no contact can be made with the main pcb rear.

  • Attaching the LCD

    An internal view of the completed analyser

  • Internal View
  • Extras
  • Common Problems/Warts......in pdf format
  • Colour Codes for Radio Frequency Chokes.......in pdf format
  • Full Diagnostic Data............in pdf format
  • Substituting a Picaxe 28X2 for the 16F873A processor supplied with the kit -So you can play with the code :-)
  • Meter Scales for a 91C4 meter movement for the optional Z meter... in pdf format
  • A printer friendly X-Ray view of the main printed circuit board in pdf format.... . with thanks to John VK5DM alias VK3IC :-). Note that ground connections are not shown as reproduction of the board ground plane renders the diagram unuseable
  • A printer friendly X-Ray view of the main pcb in pdf format showing component identifiers (R3, L2, C1, D2 etc) ......with thanks to John Hutchinson
  • A view of the analyser with the optional impedance meter fitted into a UB5 Jiffy box
  • Simplifying the wiring between the LCD and Main PCB- Thanks to JA1FRQ :-)
  • How to Buy

    NOW AVAILABLE***************May 1st 2019 :-)

  • Postage

    All kits are dispatched using standard air mail and include tracking of the shipment. Note that standard air mail is uninsured, and that all shipping thus occurs at the buyers risk.

  • Dispatch

    We will endeavour to have all orders posted within 24 hours of placement of order (public holidays and weekends being excepted of course)

  • Payment

    Payment is normally by Paypal, although direct deposit into a bank account can also be arranged for Australian customers, provided you email me. All costs are quoted in AUSTRALIAN dollars and conversion to other currencies is easily accomplished at https://www.xe.com/. Direct bank transfer is NOT recommended for international customers because of generally prohibitive bank charges at both ends of the transaction.

    FOR AUSTRALIAN AND NEW ZEALAND CUSTOMERS ONLY...$75 + $10 post and packing ($85.00 total)

    FOR AMERICAN AND CANADIAN CUSTOMERS ONLY......$75 + $24 post and packing ($99.00 total)

    FOR CUSTOMERS IN ALL OTHER COUNTRIES ..........$75 + $30 post and packing ($105.00 total)

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